Monday, May 19, 2014

What a Night! Bus Trip: May 18, 2014!

Hello, readers! 

Wow! All I can say is WOW! Yesterday, Jennifer Patafio hosted a bus trip with Janine and Dom that went to a lovely dinner in Little Italy and then to see them both perform in the hit play, My Big Gay Italian Funeral. It was such a blast! For those who missed it, I am here to give you a recap of what happened and share some pictures. 

It all began around 2 p.m. yesterday at Janine and Dom's gorgeous house in Staten Island. Everybody was hanging around and talking waiting for the bus to arrive. Everyone was having a good time chatting and getting to know one another. 

At about 2:30 or so, we took off and headed into the city. 

That bus was ROCKING! We were all singing, dancing, talking and laughing.

Jenn on the bus
 First stop: La Mela restaurant in Little Italy! 

At La Mela, we dined on salad, rigatoni with sauce (or gravy-lol), bread, and chicken. It was a fun atmosphere! 

And we even had entertainment! We sang right along with this roving musician: 

Some more pictures at La Mela: 

Jeannie and Janine

Jeannie, Janine and Janine's BFF Lisa

Jeannie and me

Jeannie and Janine

Janine and Dom

After dinner, we got back on the bus and headed to the play at Saint Luke's Theater. Once again, Janine did an excellent job as Fanny, just like she did the first time around. THIS time, though, Dom made his debut in the show as Rocco, and boy, did he get a lot of laughs!  Here are some pictures after the show: 

Jeannie, Dom, Janine and Sonnie
Look at Dom rockin' that wig!

Me and Angela

Me and Dom
Anthony Wilkinson (writer and star of the show)

If you haven't seen the show, I highly recommend it! It's hilarious, but yet touching at moments, too. 

After the show, we returned to Mulberry Street to have dessert and coffee at Cafe Palermo with the "Cannoli King", Baby John! 

Me and Janine at Cafe Palermo!

We had such a good time and it is all thanks to Jennifer Patafio who organized the whole event. If you are friends with her on Facebook, she has posted some hilarious videos of the trip. Check them out! 

Special shout out to Kim Capone, who I really enjoyed meeting and also to Launa (sorry, I don't know her last name) who said she really enjoyed reading the blogs. I so appreciate hearing that! 

Hopefully, there will be more adventures in the future! 

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