Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Be Healthier with Javita!

Hello, everyone! 

It has been awhile since the last blog and I am excited to be back with a new post for you to read! 

The Detores are busy with family activities, school, enjoying friends but staying busy with work  and business as well. 

Speaking of business, Jeannie, the oldest Detore daughter, has set off on a new endeavor with her long time beau, Chris. They are independent representatives for Javita coffee and tea beverages.  

Over half of all Americans are reported to be coffee drinkers. BUT, we all hear the statistics about how too much is bad for you. Javita offers healthier options!

The choices available are: Burn and Control, Energy and Mind, and Lean and Green. Made with natural herbs, these are better alternatives to lose weight and just feel better overall. 

And, if this doesn't convince you, Dr. Oz endorses it as well!

To read all about it at watch a short video, visit Jeannie's and Chris' website by clicking here: Javita Coffee and Tea and support them as they continue on their business venture! 

By the way, if you missed it, read the post I did a while back on Jeannie by clicking here: Jeannie's Post

And the one on Chris here: Chris' Post

Thank you as always for reading! Follow Jeannie on Twitter @JeannieDetore and Chris at @ChrisMandarino! Follow me for all the latest Detore Family blog posts at @Deana3452! 

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