Saturday, May 25, 2013

Say Hello to Chris Mandarino

Hello, everyone!

            The past couple of blogs have been about Baby Dom’s girlfriend, Anna and John’s girlfriend, Annie (if you missed them, go back and read about these nice young women). In keeping with the same theme, this week we meet Jeannie’s boyfriend, Chris. 

            Chris will turn eighteen in December and is getting ready to reach another milestone very shortly-graduating from high school. His future goals include attending college and studying physical therapy. When he is finished with his degree, he aims to be the one to take over his father’s practice.

            For relaxation, Chris enjoys being at the gym to work out. Jeannie said no one can bother him when “he’s in the zone.” But, she also said that he has a great sense of humor and likes to have fun. Chris also likes to listen to older music like Frank Sinatra and Frankie Valli. 

          Chris and Jeannie have been dating since August 9, 2010 (8/9/10-isn't that an easy anniversary to remember?) and they actually met on Facebook.  At first, Jeannie wasn't impressed (lol) but now they have a very good relationship. 

        While they are alike in some ways, they also have differences, too. I believe that's what makes a good relationship-a healthy balance.  When I did the blog on Jeannie, (go and check it out if you missed it) it was obvious to me that she is very mature especially for her age. I get the feeling that both of them are more comfortable around people that are older than them instead of other teenagers. 

      Something cute: Jeannie said they have a "baby"...a pit bull named Sandy. Here's Chris with Sandy: 

          Jeannie says Chris is someone she can count on. Really, doesn't that say it all? Above all, what is more important than having someone you can depend on?

   Also, even better, Janine and Dominick love Chris for Jeannie. So, points there for mom and dad approval! 

         Hope you enjoyed reading about Chris. I really appreciate Jeannie taking the time to tell me about him.

     Follow Chris on Twitter @chrismandarino and Jeannie, too-@JeannieDetore. While you're at it, follow @Janinedetorevh1 and @uncledomdetore, too.

Thanks for reading! 

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