Sunday, May 19, 2013

Say Hello to Annie Formica!

About two weeks ago, I did a blog on "Baby Dom's" girlfriend, Anna. Well, today we get to learn a little bit about another girlfriend in the family--John's girl, Annie Formica. :)

Well, I know I must sound repetitive, and that it seems like I say this about everyone I write about, but Annie was VERY nice. What is going on in Staten Island that everyone is so nice?? I love it! 

What I found endearing was the way Annie met John. She actually worked at Janine's store, Country Mouse and ended up meeting John that way. Seems like fate stepped in! They will be together three years this summer. 

Cute fact: John gave Annie a dog....the dog's name? AJ (for Annie and John). 

Annie currently is studying hospitality at college. While she hasn't decided what she will do next, she already is quite the entrepreneur! She is only 21, but already has one business of her own under her belt! 

Her business is called Mist Me Tans and involves custom spray tanning at your home. So, if you are reading this anywhere in the five boroughs of New York City (Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx or Queens), and want a flawless spray tan, give her a call at 347-244-3806.

For fun, Annie enjoys shopping and relaxing. Annie is more of a fan of a private type of life and that she and John would just rather have a quiet dinner instead of all the hustle and bustle of going out. 

But, guess who her buddy is? Ronnie! 

 She told me she would rather "hang out with Ronnie any day of the week" than a lot of other things. She said they take a trip to the toy store together at least once a week and that she and John have fun taking Ronnie the arcade, batting cages or mini golf. 

Janine said that she loves Annie and that  Annie is "very generous and very thoughtful. She fits in this family like a glove." She also said that it is amazing to see how good Annie is to John. 

Back when I did John's blog it was evident that he probably was the most private out of the bunch (go back and read it if you missed  it!) and it really seems like he and Annie are a perfect fit. 

Thanks to Annie for taking the time to tell me about herself. 

Please do not copy or use any part of this blog without my permission.

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