Saturday, April 14, 2018

Staten Island Hustle Season 1 Episode 1 The New York Water Maker

The wait is over! On April 11, 2018, Staten Island Hustle premiered on CNBC and it came in with a bang! There was a fabulous party at Angelina's Ristorante in Tottenville, and we all finally got to see the show we've been waiting for! 

The show starts off with the guys, Dom, Ron, Mike, Adolfo and Tony D meeting at Angelina's to discuss the week's ideas. Adolfo has some suits he thinks he can sell. The others don't seem too enthralled with this idea, but hey, you never know, because as Adolfo said, these suits are "dope!" 

Dom pitches an idea of franchising Angelina's restaurant. It does well in Staten Island, so why not take it to other parts of the country? Tony D is all for it. He thinks it's a great idea. He agrees to back Dom on his idea. 

Ron waves bread around to say he's got an idea. Ron is hilarious. He says you can't duplicate New York pizza, bread or bagels because of the dough which is made with New York water. Sounds a little off beat, but, wait. The group thinks he has a point. The big idea is to find a way to make New York water
Dom's got a guy and he wants Adolfo, Mike and Ron to go have a meeting with a water filtration system company to see what can be done.   

Mike, Adolfo and Ron go to see Dr. Moya and Paul at the company in Jersey. Dr. Moya explains water Ph and alkaline levels in water. Adolfo (The Professor) is the one who is keeping up on all the science that Dr. Moya is talking about. Ron is bored. He wants to get to the nitty gritty of the deal. Mike doesn't look fascinated either. Dr. Moya shows the group New Jersey water and it smells. They know they have something with their idea. The prototype is going to be 60K! Ron isn't worried and says that between the five of them, it shouldn't be a problem. Can you guys throw some my way (ha ha)? They want to be sure it's the water, though. They want to do a taste test on water in other areas. They are covering all their bases. 

Next up, we get to see Janine and some of the kids at Dom and Janine's home! Janine is busy in the kitchen and what better way to introduce Dom's next big idea? He wants to promote and sell Just Add Lettuce, a "3D" salad dressing. The family is going to be the guinea pigs to taste it. Janine says when she hears 3D you think of a movie, not salad dressing. She promptly calls Dom a dumb ass (lol). 

Dom shows a video advertisement for the Just Add Lettuce and Jeannie, Dom and Janine's daughter, thinks a better job can be done. Dom questions whether or not he can do it, saying he's in good shape for the shape he's in. Janine says, "Round's a shape." lol  All the spices and ingredients are in the jar ready to make a salad. Janine hates it. None of the kids like it.  Janine says there's too much oregano in it and she would rather have her eighth child than have oregano. Well, so much for that! 

Adolfo, Mike and Ron are headed to Lancaster County to try and get water from Amish Country for their experiment. They are met with some resistance. They can't get well water from anyone. They go into a store and look around and they are told to be careful with well water because there is lead in it. They decide to leave and go to a truck stop restroom in Jersey to get a sample of water. 

Dom gets bad news. He finds out from the head of the Formaggio Cheese company who is backing Just Add Lettuce that it is not doing well. He's not quitting yet. He wants the opinion of the public before he totally scraps the idea. 

Adolfo, Mike and Ron go to Mikey Bagels who used the New Jersey water to make bagels. They want to make sure it is definitely the New York water that makes the dough great in New York. They definitely see the difference in the New Jersey water bagels. It was evident to customers that the bagels made with New York water were better.  They are convinced to put their money in the New York Water Maker.

They all meet up at Angelina's to discuss the numbers. Tony D lays it all out for them and they are excited about projected profits. Adolfo is back with the suits. He convinces the others to at least look at them. Tony D thinks they are from the 70's and says the lapels are the size of Bayonne. Because Adolfo put the money in the suits, he is short on his portion of the investment on the water maker. The guys chip in to cover Adolfo's share.  They are family to one another. 

On to the public taste test for Just Add Lettuce. Dom wants the public's opinion. He and Janine go to Family Fruit in Staten Island to give it a whirl. The customers love it and Janine can't believe it. Dom is so happy he brags about the customers reaction and Janine says he's making her eyeball and false lashes hurt! 

Back to the water plant and it isn't good. I thought Ron was going to go off. The head of the company explains that he already filed the patent for the machine. The guys can't believe it but Paul says the money isn't in the patent. They feel betrayed because now they have to buy the machine that was THEIR idea from this guy now. It's all good. Adolfo makes lemonade out of lemons and they make plans to make a deal. 

On to Dom and Janine's home where they are filming a new commercial for Just Add Lettuce. We get to see outtakes of the commercial and more mishaps that occur. Those two are hilarious! 

We now visit Denino's Pizza in New Jersey where the owners are convinced to use the water maker. Success! The guys are thrilled! 

Back at Family Fruit, Dom convinces the manager to display 10 cases of the Just Add Lettuce. The manager is not ready to commit...until Dom produces some of the manager's favorite cheese as a bargaining tool! More success! Just Add Lettuce is now for sale in Family Fruit! 

Adolfo, Mike and Ron head out to California to try and sell businesses the water maker. Ron barters tickets to L.A. by fixing then selling a broken meat slicer! Talk about a hustler! The guys explain to the businesses in California that they can try the water maker out for a certain period of time and then once they love it, they will buy it. They take over 20 pre-orders! CHA-CHING! 

After the guys get back to Angelina's and tell the good news about the pre-orders, they worry that people who won't be able to afford the machine will be left out. Tony D has the solution. They can LEASE it! They will leave nobody out!  And, more good news. Adolfo has sold two of his suits! 

Finally, the new commercial for Just Add Lettuce is shown. Let's just say that for the Greek option, Dom is shown in a toga. What else is there to say after that? Janine and Dom's son, Ronnie, age 10, is not impressed.  

I was impressed with the show, though! Talk about good ideas and getting your hustle on! The show was very entertaining and funny. I would love to hear your thoughts. The plan on here is to talk about the episodes and also learn more about the cast. Leave your comments below! I look forward to the next episode!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Staten Island Hustle!!

Hello, everyone! 

It's been a long time since the last post about the Detore Family and I am here with some good news! Dom is in a new show starting in April. The show is called Staten Island Hustle and will feature Dom and a group of his friends coming up with one great idea after another to get their hustle on and make that money! 

You can watch the new promo here: 

I can't wait for this show. It looks like it is going to be a lot of fun and we need a decent, fun, upbeat show nowadays. Don't you agree? 

We all wish Dom the best with his new show! Tune in to CNBC on April 11th! And stay tuned here for all the latest! 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Port Richmond High School Needs Your Help!

Hello, all! 
This blog is a little different than the others, but it is about a cause close to Janine's heart. 

Her daughter, Sonnie, goes to Port Richmond High School. Any caring parent wants a successful, safe, productive and professional school environment. 

Port  Richmond was all those things and more.  The school had a great reputation. The school's principal, Tim Gannon was keeping the school moving in the right direction. But, what happens when you do a great job? Well, in this case, you get picked for promotion. He got moved to a position in the Department of Education to mentor principals, assistant principals and other administrators. 

The person picked to replace Gannon as interim principal is Oneatha Swinton and parents haven't been happy since. I have it on good authority that the first thing Ms. Swinton did was claim that she was sent to Port Richmond because the school wasn't doing well  and that she was picked to make improvements. 

Improvements? The first thing she cut was the honors program. How is that an improvement? Parents were outraged. Some commented on a blog that Port Richmond's Honors Program were why they sent their children there in the first place. 

Also discovered were comments about how Ms. Swinton referred to herself as "Mathtarded." Parents and other witnesses took great offense at this term asking what kind of professional educator speaks like this?  She also has referred to students with disabilities as "SpEds (Special Eds)". Does she have any clue how insulting and hurtful that is?

You can read more outrage and comments about the Ms. Swinton by clicking here: Comments.

There are other complaints about her, too and not just at Port Richmond.  The parents feel that Port Richmond has been used as a dumping ground by how the Department of Education has put her there. I found many complaints just by Googling her name. Janine has had problems with her directly. Janine has tried three times to call Ms. Swinton in reference to the Honors Program being taken away. Janine couldn't make the PTA meeting covering the issue, so she made a point to contact Ms. Swinton to discuss it. 

Janine's daughter, Sonnie, was upset that the programs were being discontinued. Sonnie is due to graduate this year and was anticipating having these courses on college resumes. Janine has called three times to try and have a conversation and has not received any response back. When the superintendent was contacted, the solution offered was to contact Ms. Swinton directly. How can parents contact her if she's not responding to calls?

You will probably see stories about this on NY1 and in other media outlets soon. Hopefully, the community can rally together and have a more appropriate and competent individual take over as principal. 

If you are in the Staten Island area, it is time to rally together. On October 3, from 6:30 to 7:30 at P.S. 048 there will be a town hall meeting to address concerns. Join Janine and other parents to voice concern. 

There is also a Facebook group to join and keep up to date. Look on Facebook for "Save Port, Get Your Raider Spirit Going" and join!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The One Year Memorial Mass for Angela "Big Ang" Raiola

It seems unbelievable but the force larger than life known as "Big Ang" has been gone from this earth and our lives for a year already. On February 18, 2017, a one year anniversary Mass was held at Our Lady Star of the Sea in Staten Island. 

The Mass was given by Ang's siblings, Janine, Donna and Stephen.  It was a very moving service with readings done by Donna, Dom, and Janine's daughter, Jeannie.  Janine delivered heartfelt words about her sister.  Janine shared sentiments from Ang, who wrote out beautiful messages in cards to Janine. Also shared were a few mementos given to Janine by Angela: 

The priest,  Father Tom, gave a beautiful sermon about how all of Angela's friends and family ARE her legacy and reminded all of us to "Do small things with great love" because that was what Angela did. 

After the service, we all went to the graveyard, where A.J., Ang's son, shared his thoughts about his mother and spoke about how much she is missed. Then, everyone wrote messages to Angela on balloons and let them go into the blue sky of the beautiful afternoon. 

Janine, Stephen and Donna

There is no denying Angela is missed. She is still missed by friends and fans from all over. We all miss seeing her on our televisions hearing her words of wisdom and her one of a kind hilarious statements that made us laugh. But, most of all, it is so evident that she is missed by her family. It is heartbreaking to see their pain and grief.  Angela will never be forgotten. Never.

Janine also shared with me that she takes joy and comfort in knowing that Angela was proud of her. She has heard from several people that Ang would always say how impressed she was with the way Janine could run her store and take care of her family. It's been a year, but Janine still misses the dozens of phone calls she shared with her sister on a daily basis.  She added that she is so proud to be her sister and it is her honor to keep Angela's memory alive. 

Here is a video by the Staten Island Advance of the service: 

Take time to post your memories, and comments for the family below. As always, thank you for reading.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Happy Birthday, Janine!

I want to take a minute to yell HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Janine. I am so happy I know her. She is a kind, sweet, FUNNY, giving person. 

On Saturday, June 18, 2016, her husband, Dominick and their daughter, Jeannie, threw Janine a surprise party at Angelina's restaurant and it was such a good time! I was so happy I could go and join in. So many great people were there and you could really feel the love for Janine and her family. I know this birthday for Janine is a difficult one since it is the first one without her sister, Angela. However, I am glad we all came together to show her she is most definitely not alone and that she is loved. A few pictures: 

Janine is shocked! 
Janine and sister Donna dancing to "We Are Family"
with a picture of Angela

Janine and me dancing to "Now That We Found Love" (lol)

The cake! 
The lit cake! 
Janine and Angelina dancing

Raquel, John, Louis, Jeannie, Janine, Angelina,
Ronnie, Dom, Sonnie, and Allie (with Baby Dom
cut off, sorry) 
A good time was had by all. Wish Janine a happy birthday below or on Twitter and Facebook! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

This past weekend, there have been things written on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other sites in regards to Janine and Vinnie Medugno. No doubt you have seen some of them. In fact, you may have seen Vinnie's long post about the situation. 

The bottom line is this. On July 16, 2016, Angela's husband, Neil, Vinnie Medugno and others are hosting a "dance party concert" in Angela's name. Some of Angela's favorite artists are performing and proceeds are being donated to "Angela's favorite charities." Sounds good, right? I have talked to Janine several times over the weekend so wait just a second.... Look, I know that people are more than free to do what they think is best and maybe intentions were to do something  nice. I truly feel that BEFORE ANYTHING was decided, Janine and her family should have had this idea run past them. In any event, if there was EVER any indication that Janine and the other family members were not ready to have any such event, maybe it should have been thought through a little more. 

Janine and her siblings are absolutely heartbroken over losing Angela. Janine and Angela talked MANY times EVERY day. Can you imagine losing someone in your life like that?  Janine carries on because she has no choice. She is helping take care of her great nieces and nephews. Oh, and that reminds me. There are sources who claim that Janine is no longer speaking to Raquel, Angela's daughter. How is that possible when Janine has Raquel's children over her home quite a bit of the time? What? Janine has Raquel's children over but she's not speaking to her? Is she kidnapping them? I think not. 

Janine said it best when she said on social media that she is busy with her family, with her great nieces and nephews, her business and most of all grieving her sister and certainly in no mood for a "party." Angela hasn't even been gone four months yet. I have said this multiple times in other posts. Sure, "Big Ang" was on television, but she was a real person with a real family who is missing her terribly. 

This post has been strictly my opinion. Feel free to comment. No disrespectful comments will be tolerated. But for those who think this is a great idea and you are ready to "party" to honor a celebrity, remember she has a heartbroken family that was left behind... one who won't be there or supporting this at all. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016


It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that Angela Joyce Raiola, known to many as "Big Ang" has passed away. What a force of nature she was. There really are no exact words to describe her. My heart breaks for her family and close friends. I had the great honor of spending time with her a few times, including at a  dinner when she kept telling my husband, "Eat!" :) She was nothing but gracious and sweet every time I saw her. She would do anything for anybody. 

Angela was on television, but did you know how much she helped countless people after Hurricane Sandy or about how she helped families at Christmas time? Did you know about her grandchildren? Did you know that she was one of seven children herself? 

 I don't say she "lost" her battle to cancer, because she fought like hell. And not only did she fight, she took that time to make a statement and stand against smoking to try and help others. So, she didn't lose any battle...I like to think God showed His mercy. 

There really is an outpouring of love on Twitter and Facebook and that's what should be focused on. Love never dies...not the love you show for people and not the love you get in return. 

 It amazes me how Angela grabbed so many hearts along her journey in this life and that is one wonderful legacy to leave behind.

Rest in peace, Angela. You surely have touched many.