Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Tribute to Angelina for Mother's Day

I felt that in recognition of Mother's Day, there would be no better blog for this site than to write one on Janine's mom, Angelina, better known as Jeannie.

 Jeannie had seven children, four boys and three girls, Janine being the baby of the family. Look at this great photo of all of them and their mom years ago.

Janine said her mom was her best friend and that Jeannie had a huge heart. She would help anyone out with whatever was needed. She loved to cook and would feed not only her family and friends, but whoever might need a meal, too. 

Janine said she and her mother were "very much the same" especially when it comes to their shared love of cooking and the way they both felt how important family is. 

Not only did Janine talk about her mom, I had the pleasure of speaking to Janine's brother, Stephen, about her as well. Stephen said he remembers his mom enjoying playing cards and Bingo.  

However, he said his favorite memories of his mom were the big Sunday dinners she would have. He said all the kids would go with their spouses and that it was nothing to have maybe 30 people at one dinner. Sounds like that was a blast!

But, not only was it probably fun, having family time like that is so important. We all know life is short and I don't know one person who isn't missing someone...

Sadly, on February 8, 1988, Jeannie passed away very suddenly with no warning. To this day, she is greatly missed. Janine will tell you herself that even though it has been 25 years since she lost her mom, it does not get any easier. 

I was told that when Jeannie passed away, the funeral was an amazing testimony to her life. Janine said that the funeral was absolutely packed with people and that the whole funeral home was filled with flowers and gifts that people had sent. 

 Janine posted a picture of her mom a few days ago on  Facebook and people were making one comment after another about what a wonderful woman Jeannie was. All these years later, people still remember Jeannie as a wonderful, caring person. 

I have had several chats with Janine and one with her brother. Also, I have seen the way Janine, Stephen and their sister Angela interact with other people on Twitter and Facebook and they have been nothing but sweet to those who are supportive. 

I say this because as I heard about Jeannie, I thought about those conversations and interactions with people, including myself,  and it is evident that she leaves behind a legacy of love and kindness in her children and they in turn, teach those same qualities to THEIR children. 

So, with all that said, I wish a very, very happy Mother's Day to Janine, Donna, Angela, Marie, Raquel, Tarin and Janine's friends, Lisa, Gina and Michelle. 

Also, a very happy Mother's Day to my mom, Rose and all the other mothers who are reading this. 

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  1. Beautifully said... Jeannie was a very very big part of my life growing up, all of my family's lives..her warmth & love is what makes a family! Like the Raiola family I too come from a family of 7 and we were all treated as her children...even living together for a time LOL... you truly cannot find a more loving family...that is Jeannies legacy!
    Happy Mothers Day

    1. Maria, Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! Very nice sentiments!