Sunday, May 5, 2013

Say Hello to Anna Kielkucki!

Hello! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Maryland! 

This week's blog is on Anna Kielkucki, Baby Dom's girlfriend! Anna "talked" with me on Facebook and the first thing that struck me was how nice she is. She took time to answer some questions and she had just gotten off work. I probably wouldn't have been as cheerful if I had just left work (lol). And to top it off, she's beautiful, too! 

Anna is currently 19 years old with a summer birthday of July 1st.  She met Dom Junior in the summer of her junior year of high school at a friend's house. I hesitate to write this part, but I think it is cute--at first, she says she didn't really like him, but she says that once they started talking, she changed her mind (lol) and four years later they are still together. It just goes to show you that you never know what's going to happen! 

Anna now lives with with the Detore family and absolutely LOVES all of them. She considers Janine and Dom her second mom and dad and she really emphasized how much she appreciates all they do for her and how much she loves being with them. 

And, she just adores the Detore siblings. Ronnie calls her "Abanana" --so cute. Also, if you read the blog about two weeks ago, Sonnie had wonderful things to say about Anna and how kind she is to her.

Anna is a focused young woman. She is working towards her degree in Social Work AND works at Janine's store, Country Mouse.  She is looking forward to being successful in her field of work. 

For fun, she says she heads out on the weekends to hang out in clubs. She said she "goes wherever the night takes me." She also likes listening to electronic dance music also known as EDM. She not only listens to it, but also attends EDM festivals and other events. I have to admit here, I had to Google this. Then I began to wonder if any of the stuff  on my iPod was considered EDM. I am still not sure. LOL . Okay, I am off topic now. 

I asked Anna to tell me what SHE thought were her best qualities. She said she feels that she is nice person and would rather help someone else out 
before herself. She also "loves to make people happy." This is not something you see a lot in today's day and age.

Anna is just downright nice...but she's more than that. She is friendly, smart and upbeat and I enjoyed chatting with her. I thank her for taking the time to answer the questions and also thank her for supporting this blog. :) Follow Anna on Twitter --@AnnaKielkucki. 

Have a great week! 

Please do not copy or use any part of this blog without my permission.

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