Sunday, April 28, 2013

Last, But Certainly Not Least--Ronnie Detore!

Hello, everyone! This week's blog is on the seventh Detore child, Ronnie and the first thing you notice, I am sure, is that he is downright adorable. Here's his story: 

Janine had a due date with baby number seven of November 4th, but little Ronnie John (also known as lucky number 7) had other plans and was born on September 27th, six weeks early. Being a preemie, he gave everyone a scare, spending an elongated time in the hospital.   But, thankfully, everything worked out and now he is a healthy, beautiful five year old.

He's also already quite the character. He has a good sense of humor and keeps his family entertained and laughing. They just adore him. Everyone takes him out to different places, like the toy store, where he likes to go on Fridays. They also play with him all the time.  

Ronnie loves animals and says he would like to be a zoo keeper. The other day, he drew a picture of the zoo. It is so cute. Personally, I like the panda bear and the elephant, but the little zookeeper at the bottom is adorable. 

Ronnie also likes dinosaurs and can not only tell you the different types, he can also tell you what each one eats. 

Ronnie has a big fan club. All you have to do is look at his brothers' and sisters' Facebook and Twitter pages and you will see that they are always posting pictures of him. However, they seem to disagree on who is Ronnie's "favorite" sibling.  So funny!

He has also been known to help his mom around her store. What a little charmer! 

Janine calls Ronnie her "love" and says he has the family "wrapped."  It is no wonder with that handsome face and his comical ways. 

That wraps up the series on the Detore kids. I hope you enjoyed reading about them as much as I enjoyed finding out about them. They all are very sweet, polite, kids with good hearts.  Much thanks to Janine for the information and things she shared about all the kids. And thanks goes to the other six for being so nice about talking with me, too! 

And if you missed any of the past posts on the other kids, go back and read about them, too!

Thank you for reading! 

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