Saturday, April 20, 2013

Next up: Sonnie Detore!

Hello, everyone!

This week's blog is on the other daughter in the Detore family, Sonnie Rae.

I had so much fun finding out about Sonnie.  First of all, I really like the way she got her name. Janine's father, went by "Sonny" and the Rae comes from a shortened version of Janine's maiden name, Raiola. Very creative!

Sonnie just had a milestone birthday on  April 16th when she turned thirteen. Sonnie was nice enough to "chat" with me on Facebook and share some things about herself. 

The first thing is this: if you follow Sonnie on Twitter (@sonniedetore), you can't miss the fact that she is a HUGE Justin Beiber fan. I honestly wish he would tweet her back! :) She also says she loves acting singing and dancing. 

Even though she likes having fun, and acting "crazy" (lol) she is still a good student and someday would like to be a writer, actress or teacher. 

How's this for lucky number seven? Janine's grandmother had seven kids, Janine comes from a family of seven kids AND she has seven kids herself. Sonnie wants to continue that in her own life some day. She is very family oriented, loves kids and wants a big family herself.  

Sonnie won't tolerate anyone talking bad about her family or friends. She will stand up for them in a heartbeat and told me that she isn't afraid of anything. She's not the type to fight  for no reason, but she will defend those that she loves. 

However, from the little bit I know and from what Sonnie told me herself, it is my impression that Sonnie has a HUGE heart. She was quick to tell me that she loves her mom and dad and her brothers and sisters. Also, Sonnie really loves her brother, Dom's girlfriend, Anna. She appreciates everything Anna does, including doing Sonnie's hair for her or picking her up from dance class (shout out to Anna!). 

Another person she wanted to include is her friend and "cousin" Vinnie. Sonnie says that both Anna and Vinnie are a big part of her support system and help her through hard times. She is grateful for how nice Vinnie is to her and she also mentioned that he's funny and a great singer (shout out to Vinnie!). 

When someone tells me something nice about someone else, I feel the need to pass it on. Sonnie says she is just now starting to get along with her sister, Jeannie. And this is a direct quote, "I really admire my sister. She is beautiful and has so many friends. She is who I want to be (shout out to Jeannie!)." 

Sonnie also strikes me as an "old soul." Even though she is a fun loving girl, she seems mature beyond her years. She was fun to chat with. I told her this--her sense of humor and the way she expresses her loyalty to her friends and family really reminds me of Janine. Speaking of Janine, she had this to say about Sonnie: "Sonnie is very smart and caring, but you cannot say anything about people she loves."

Again, it was a lot of fun finding out about Sonnie. She's a beautiful, funny girl. I wish her the best. 

So I thank her and Janine both for taking the time  for the blog and thank whoever reads this!

Please do not copy or use any part of this blog without my permission.

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