Saturday, June 1, 2013

Up Next...Marie Raiola (also known as Eggplant Mama)!

I was reluctant to do this blog, because Marie is a rival of mine.... on Facebook when it comes to the game, Bubble Island. :) I am just joking, of course!  Marie is a very kind, classy, and lovely person. 

I had the pleasure of talking to Marie on the phone. She was nice enough to take the time to tell me a little bit about herself.  Marie's birthday is September 2nd and was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She has a brother and sister who are twins. 

Marie is married to Janine's brother, Stephen-she calls him her best friend and they will be celebrating their 24th anniversary this year. She is a mother of three girls- one set of twins who are 19 and another daughter, 21.  All of them are away attending school. She also has a stepson and a daughter in law.  

Since the kids are gone, the babies of the house are now Mini and Maxi, two teacup poodles who are adorable. What do Mini and Maxi like for snacks? Carrots! 

As if all that wasn't enough to keep her busy, she also currently co-owns Brownstone Real Estate. If you are looking for an apartment in Brooklyn, New York, check them out. They have three locations: Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope and Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens. Visit their website at

On the fun side, Marie loves to travel. She and Stephen travel all over: Jamaica, Haiti, Florida, you name it! She also said she and Stephen really enjoy going out and trying new restaurants. It was hard for her to pick one favorite, because she loves a lot of different places, but said she picked Peter Luger for steaks as a top choice. However, her other passion is cooking. 

Something else close to Marie's heart is visiting her lake house which has been in her family for many generations. While she loves being a New Yorker, she loves relaxing at the lake just as much. She says it's peaceful and a nice break to get away from the hustle and bustle of New York.

When Marie would go on big holiday weekends to the lake house, she would bring eggplant and fresh Italian bread for sandwiches. She always had some on hand and her nickname quickly became Eggplant Mama.  When she joined Twitter, it became her Twitter handle. 

Marie said that she and Stephen enjoy going out with Janine and Dom. I asked Janine to add her thoughts about Marie. If you follow Janine and/or Marie on Twitter, you see that they are close. Janine said that Marie is a very loyal, respectful person and that if she's your friend, she's your friend. 

 She further said that she and Marie hit it off from the beginning-- and a direct quote from Janine is, "I like to think of that saying you can't choose your family, you can only choose your friends and I'd absolutely choose her and I have chosen her." 

I really had fun talking with Marie on the phone. She's so funny and very sweet. I want to thank her for taking time out, especially during her weekend to chat with me. Don't forget, follow her on Twitter @eggplantmama. Believe me, you will be entertained! 

Please do not copy or use any part of this blog without my permission.

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