Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Don't Miss Janine and Dom's Cameo in Italian Bred!

Come one, come all! The newest hit show is "Italian Bred" (no, not bread, BRED!) at the Saint Luke's theater at 308 West 46th Street, New York. 

The show is created, written and performed by Candice Guardino who was born in Staten Island. The show is a tribute to her Italian upbringing and to her family stories. The show promises to be funny and heartwarming. Including her stories and live music as well, it is sure to be a good time.

The show has celebrity cameos as well. For the June 4th show, it will be Vincent Pastore from the hit HBO show, The Sopranos.

And I am excited to post that for the June 11th show, Janine and Dom will make their appearance!

Another great thing about both the June 4th and June 11th shows is that these two performances will benefit the Guyon Rescue, a charity committed to helping Staten Islanders who were affected by Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy. 

Click here to visit the Guyon Rescue's site to donate and learn about their organization. Guyon Rescue

The show which opened on April 30, 2013 is already getting positive reviews:

 "Guardino single-handedly proves you can make a show funnier and smarter than almost anything on TV"-Stagebuddy.com

"Italian Bred plays more like a live version of Woody Allen’s Radio Days” - Stagebuddy.com

"Italian Bred is a bite-sized night at the theater that’s both humorous and heartfelt" - Broadway.com

Buy your tickets soon, so you don't miss it. Click here for tickets : Tickets

And click here  for the shows official website and links to follow on Twitter and on Facebook! Official Show Website

So, don't miss Janine and Dom in the Italian Bred Show, June 11, 2013 at Saint Luke's Theater!! It's going to be great! 

Follow Janine on Twitter @janinedetorevh1 and Dominick @uncledomdetore. Follow me too at @Deana3452! 

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