Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Trip You Don't Want To Miss!

Hello, everyone! 

It's been a great summer and personally, I am sorry to see it go. However, get one last hurrah in with a great bus trip! In May, Janine and Dom were in the play My Big Gay Italian Funeral and Jennifer Patafio was generous enough to get together a bus trip. Let me tell you, I went on that trip and it was A BLAST! Read about it here: May Bus Trip

Another trip has been planned for next Saturday, September 13th, 2014, this time to see Janine and Dom in My Big Gay Italian Wedding! Take it from me, get your tickets now and treat yourself to a fun night! You don't want to miss it! Details are below! Even if you can't make the bus trip, go see Janine and Dom in the show! They put their all into it and you will laugh until it hurts! Tickets can be purchased online here: Show Tickets

I hope everyone enjoyed their summer! 

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