Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Isabella's Creations

On December 5th, the fourth season of Mob Wives started and Janine and the rest of the family were at the Drunken Monkey bar to support her sister, fan favorite Big Ang! 

And who knows how to throw a get together better than Janine? She is very grateful for the people who supported the party and the first of these is Isabella's Creations, a bakery who makes the most amazing cakes and other treats you have ever laid eyes on!  

The best part about Isabella's Creations is the story behind the owner, Maria Nitti. I asked her what made her start her journey with her business. She said that she originally had a job working as a manager and was very unhappy in that field. She also said that whenever she would bake, people would tell her she should start her own business. Inspired, she took a leap of faith and started her company and is living her dream! 

For the premiere party, this fantastic and creative cake needs no description: 

And check out the surrounding cupcakes shown with "Mob Wives", a number 4 to mark the new season and the cute lips in honor of Angela!  :)  Maria also made a cake for the party thrown when season three of Mob Wives premiered. She also made a cake for the premiere of Angela's other show, Miami Monkey, and made cake pops for Angela's birthday. Maria told me, "I am thankful that Angela and Janine continue to let me be part of these special moments!" 

I asked Janine her thoughts about Maria and her fantastic creations and she had this to say: "Maria is a wonderful person. Every time I need her to do anything she's always there.  She's a wonderful business owner and I would always recommend her! And, her cakes and cupcakes taste as good as they look. They are amazing." 

I wanted to see more of her other creations. I couldn't believe some of these were actual cakes. Look at this designer bag cake: 

 And you can't help but love these cupcakes with Minions and zoo animals Maria made for Janine's son, Ronnie for his birthday:

While it is hard work to run the business, it is deeply satisfying and it helps that she has the support of her loving family. Here's Maria with her husband Mario, Junior and their son Mario III in the bakery: 

You might wonder like me, if Maria is the owner and she has one son, who is Isabella? Maria explained that she always said if she had a daughter, her name would be Isabella.  :) 

Not only are cakes available, but various, beautiful treats are also made. There are so many to choose from.  Visit her site here: Isabella's Creations Website. You have to see for yourself. On the site, everything is categorized. Plus, you can create your own cake, from flavors to fillings, to anything you can dream of, there is a section on the site to customize your creation.Click on the "Build a cake" tab to start! 

While Maria enjoys all aspects of her business, she says the best part of it all is  seeing the joy on a customer's face when their one of a kind cake is seen for the first time! 

So, visit the website or follow Isabella's Creations on Twitter-@IsabellaCreate and click here for her Facebook -

Thanks for reading! 

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