Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gabriella Raiola

Hello, everyone! Time for a new blog post! 

This is another one I hope you enjoy. Meet another one of Marie and Stephen Raiola's daughters!  A few weeks ago I posted one about their other daughter, Jeanne. Don't miss it! This one is about Gabriella. 

Gabriella Marie was born on June 30th and has a fraternal twin, Alexis, better known as Lexi. Gabriella says it's great having a twin but they are very different. Despite these differences, they are very close. 

Gabriella is currently in college and has plans to go to law school. When asked why she is choosing law school, she said believes in fighting for what is right and wants to help people do the same. We need more crusaders like this. What she is doing and the reason she's doing it is very admirable. 

All work and no play equals no fun! So, for fun, Gabriella likes to watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Real Housewives of New Jersey, Snooki and JWoww, and what else? Of course she enjoyed watching Miami Monkey with her Aunt Angela! 

Gabriella really enjoyed seeing Aunt Angela recently on television and while it is sometimes a challenge having her aunt on television and in the public eye, it is usually a lot of fun because everyone loves Ang. Gabriella also liked watching her other family members on Angela's other show, "Big Ang". 

Gabriella also likes to go to clubs to party and hang out with her friends, enjoying life just like she should be doing. She also had a boyfriend named Matt. They have been dating for over a year now. They met at a house party and she says, "He treats me like the Staten Island princess I should be treated as." She adds that at first she hated him (lol) but now not only are they boyfriend/girlfriend, they are best friends, too. Here they are:

Family is such a big part of Gabriella's life. Gabriella is close to her whole family and grateful for all of those relationships. She said she loves her mom and dad to death and that she is so grateful for everything they do for her. Not only is she close with her parents, but she also she loves Aunt Janine very much. She said it is always a good time with the Detore family. Aunt Janine says this about her niece: "She's a great kid with a great future. She's my only niece that can share my shoes! I love being her aunt and friend." 

There hasn't been one person that I haven't enjoyed blogging about so far in the Detore/Raiola group and Gabriella was no exception. She was more than receptive in doing a blog. I wish her a happy, healthy future and thank her for taking time to do the post with me. :) 

Follow Gabriella on Twitter @gabbbrailoaa (yes, there are 3 b's and two a's-lol) and on Instagram at the same name! 

P.S. Speaking of Twitter, Janine got her original account back on Twitter after being hacked. Follow her on her original account @janinedetorevh1. Follow me for blog updates @Deana3452!

As always, thanks for reading! 


  1. Very nice story. The Detore/ Raiola Family seem like a very loving Family! God Bless them!

  2. It is very nice to read about the Detore/Raiola Family!

  3. Thank you, Lovely, for reading and your support!