Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sugar Sugar Cupcakes

Hello, everyone! 

As promised, the businesses that helped make Janine and Angela's party a success on December 5th are getting props from Janine as a thank you for the support they showed. So, allow me to introduce you to Sugar Sugar Cupcakes, a bakery located in Sayreville, New Jersey. 

Sugar Sugar, owned and operated by Andrew D'Anna and his fiancee' Kerin Flynn, opened on July 6th. Here's Andrew and Kerin: 

This is what I can't get over. Andrew and Kerin work other jobs BESIDES running the bakery. I am tired just doing one job (lol). I don't know how they do it. Not only do they have their other jobs and run the bakery, but they also have four children, including a 21 month old! I don't know when they sleep! 

For the premiere party, three kinds of cupcakes were made: red velvet, pumpkin and chocolate with graham cracker bottoms. Here is Andrew with Angela at the party with some of the cupcakes: 

Andrew said that he was very honored and humbled to be part of the premiere party and would love to work with Janine and Angela again. I asked Janine about Andrew and his tasty sweets and she said, "The cupcakes were as amazing as he is." 

I can say that Andrew was MORE than sweet and kind in our conversations about this blog. He's very kind and has a bright and optimistic attitude about Sugar Sugar's future. 

And now time for a shout out to Monica Falcone, Andrew and Kerin's friend and co-worker who helps run the bakery when Andrew or Kerin can't be there. :) 

This is getting difficult for me to write because all I want now are some cupcakes from Sugar Sugar. Why do I have to live so far?! 

Speaking of distance, Sugar Sugar is not far from Staten Island. Andrew said they are about 15 minutes from there by way of the Outerbridge. You can find them at 341 South Pine Avenue, Sayreville, New Jersey. 

Follow them on Facebook. Here's a link to their facebook page: Sugar Sugar Cupcakes Facebook Page. 

And follow them on Twitter: @SugarSugarCupca

Take a look through their photo gallery and stop on by if you're in the Sayreville area. 

I just want to send a big, big thank you out to Andrew for being so nice and open with helping out with this post. I wish Andrew and Kerin HUGE success with the business! 

Thanks for reading! 

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