Saturday, March 30, 2013

Next up...Allie Detore!

Hello, everyone! Hope everyone had a good week. This week's blog is about Albert George, better known as Allie. Allie has a December birthday-December 9th (great month! Mine is December, too!). 

Courtesy Allie's FB

Allie was a BIG baby at 8 pounds 13 ounces! I thought it was really sweet though, when Janine said he was a "beautiful baby." I wanted to know if Janine knew at the time if she knew she was having a third boy and she did. Eventually, she had girls...but more on that later. :) 

Allie loves his family and likes that he has a mom and aunt on television, enjoying the advantages it offers.   :) 

He also likes watching movies, playing PlayStation games, and is a big fan of the Celtics. Since he  just turned 21, he also likes to go out into the city. But, just because he's fun loving, doesn't mean he's not responsible. He starts a new job next week! Congratulations, Allie!

 I got to briefly "chat" with Allie on the computer and he is a very, very polite guy. Janine and Dom need to write parenting books because whatever they did, it worked!  

Thanks again to Janine this week and thanks to Allie, too! 

Have a great week everyone! Thanks for reading. 

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