Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spotlight on: Dominick Detore, Jr!

Hello, everyone! 

This week's blog is on Dominick Joseph Detore, Junior.  Janine actually refers to him as "Baby Dom." :) She likes that better than "Little Dom." I think it's sweet!

When he was a baby, not only was he cute, but also extremely smart. Janine had to start him in a school program at ONE YEAR OLD because he was so curious and smart, she really didn't have a choice. 

When he was only three years old, he began showing signs of being bored with the school he was attending.  He was taken to a specialist where it was recommended that he be placed in a more challenging program.  He was, and amazingly, in one week , he was proficient in using a computer. Remember, he was only three at this point!

Janine says he's quiet, but knows how to "argue a point to death" and should be a lawyer. I think it sounds like fun, interesting conversations take place with him!

Dom goes to school and for now, studies finance. However, his goal is to double major in finance AND hospitality management (makes me tired just thinking about it). :) 

Eventually, Dom would like to be an entertainment or a sports agent and one day, he would like to maybe open a nightclub. 

On the fun side, he just got himself a car! I remember those good old days and hope he has a blast!

I know I sound repetitive, but once again, he was very respectful and polite. When the whole family is together, it must be a good time. Janine and Dom are so proud of their family and it is no wonder why. 

Next week, we finally get to hear about one of Janine and Dom's daughters! So, come on back and find out about Jeannie. Thanks as ALWAYS to Janine. Have a great weekend! 

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  1. Good looking and smart too. Thanks Janine for sharing with us.

  2. Thank you for reading and commenting!