Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Rant

  As most people know, I meant for this blog to be positive, but I have felt a rant coming on for two days.

          First, a little background:

          In January of this year, I went to the Drunken Monkey for the season three premiere party for the show Mob Wives. I was there thinking I was just going to watch the show and have some fun. However, what I didn't expect was what I found when I actually met some of “Big Ang’s” family.

          The night before the premiere party, I was sitting at home  debating on whether or not to go at all. I joked on Twitter about how I wanted to go, but it is three hours away from me. Well, Angela and Janine's brother, Stephen, tweeted back something nice about how my mom and I should come up anyway. I usually hop at any chance to go to New York and go several times a year. It feels like home to me, but for the party, I was only going to get to go for the day and the thought of going up and driving back the same day was a little daunting, to say the least. After thinking about it a little while longer, we all decided to go.

          We got to the Drunken Monkey in plenty of time because we knew it was going to get packed. I had been at the bar one time before just to see what it was like. The first time I was there, Franky was bartending along with a female (I wish I knew her name). I have never been ANYWHERE where the people have been so nice. So, the night of the premiere party, there was a female bartending when we first got there. She was very sweet (I don’t know her name either). It was early and she didn’t even care if we sat there and waited until the party. She said she completely understood why we got there early.

          A little while before the party, Stephen came into the bar and was saying hello to everyone and chatting.  He remembered me from one exchange on Twitter and was nice enough to take a picture with us.

          Just a little while after that, Angela’s sister, Janine came into the bar. I wish I could tell you everything she was doing, but she was a blur (lol). She was making sure everything was in order, setting up items for sale, and in the meantime, stopping and taking pictures with people. I don’t think she stopped for more than two seconds. Mind you, Janine arranged the WHOLE party.

          I say all this because this is how my blog started. I was stunned at how down to earth these people were. I have told Janine this, but I remember turning to my mother and saying, “How can a place full of strangers feel so welcoming?” And my mother replied, “Because they’re real.”

          This is my point. Over the last few weeks, there have been a couple of blogs and more than a few tweets that have irked my nerves. I know people have a right to say whatever they want, but people really need to THINK before they talk or type. You are talking about these people’s family members and friends.

Believe me, there are people on the show (Mob Wives) that I don’t like, but you don’t see me going to their Facebook or Twitter pages calling them names. Some of these people blogging and tweeting have posted horrible things including taking people’s pictures and pasting them onto different people/animals, etc.

          I won’t say who or what they are targeting exactly, but again, when you make snide comments, you are talking about REAL people who have kids, brothers, sisters, friends and other loved ones who see this garbage. Why can’t you express an opinion without being hateful? Then the biggest laugh of all is when these bloggers and "twitter thugs"  call someone names and call their family and friends names and then are shocked when they strike back? Give me a break.

          You won’t see anything hateful here. I promise you that. People want to make assumptions about people they have never even talked to. I  have “talked” on the computer with Janine several times about the blog, and she has been so polite and down to earth.You don’t know half of it. Janine works tirelessly for other people and not just her family. I hear this saying all the time: Real recognizes real…and trust and believe- you won't find more real than Janine and her family.

Please do not copy or use any part of this blog without my permission.