Wednesday, June 8, 2016

This past weekend, there have been things written on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other sites in regards to Janine and Vinnie Medugno. No doubt you have seen some of them. In fact, you may have seen Vinnie's long post about the situation. 

The bottom line is this. On July 16, 2016, Angela's husband, Neil, Vinnie Medugno and others are hosting a "dance party concert" in Angela's name. Some of Angela's favorite artists are performing and proceeds are being donated to "Angela's favorite charities." Sounds good, right? I have talked to Janine several times over the weekend so wait just a second.... Look, I know that people are more than free to do what they think is best and maybe intentions were to do something  nice. I truly feel that BEFORE ANYTHING was decided, Janine and her family should have had this idea run past them. In any event, if there was EVER any indication that Janine and the other family members were not ready to have any such event, maybe it should have been thought through a little more. 

Janine and her siblings are absolutely heartbroken over losing Angela. Janine and Angela talked MANY times EVERY day. Can you imagine losing someone in your life like that?  Janine carries on because she has no choice. She is helping take care of her great nieces and nephews. Oh, and that reminds me. There are sources who claim that Janine is no longer speaking to Raquel, Angela's daughter. How is that possible when Janine has Raquel's children over her home quite a bit of the time? What? Janine has Raquel's children over but she's not speaking to her? Is she kidnapping them? I think not. 

Janine said it best when she said on social media that she is busy with her family, with her great nieces and nephews, her business and most of all grieving her sister and certainly in no mood for a "party." Angela hasn't even been gone four months yet. I have said this multiple times in other posts. Sure, "Big Ang" was on television, but she was a real person with a real family who is missing her terribly. 

This post has been strictly my opinion. Feel free to comment. No disrespectful comments will be tolerated. But for those who think this is a great idea and you are ready to "party" to honor a celebrity, remember she has a heartbroken family that was left behind... one who won't be there or supporting this at all. 


  1. I totally believe this Vinnie guy is completely out of line. I also believe he is using poor Neil to line his own pockets. I also believe that the Grazianos need to STHU & STAY OUT OF THIS! DANG, CAN'T A FAMILY GRIEVE?

  2. Thank you for reading and commenting, Donna!

  3. I think Vinny should step down, he has blogged that he has no choice because he was left with the authority to make these decisions. If I was in that position I would just step down, because the immediate family DOES NOT WANT THIS, so him doing this is profitable and publicity for him. In my opinion it is VERY VERY DISRESPECTFUL TO ANGELA'S FAMILY (AND THAT IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT). I never got a chance to meet Ang. in person, but I do know her brother Steve and his wife and Janine from past events when I was working for John Marino. I liked Vinny in the beginning then his head swelled, WHATS SO HARD ABOUT HIM NOT CONDONING THIS PARTY, so to me it looks like he is riding on ang's coattails.


  4. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment, Lisa!

  5. Michael Domenico FaccioloJuly 16, 2016 at 2:08 PM

    I too know Janine and the bottom line to me and how I was raised is simple. If you disrespect Janine you are disrespecting Angela. That's all.

  6. Thank you for reading and commenting, Michael!!