Thursday, February 18, 2016


It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that Angela Joyce Raiola, known to many as "Big Ang" has passed away. What a force of nature she was. There really are no exact words to describe her. My heart breaks for her family and close friends. I had the great honor of spending time with her a few times, including at a  dinner when she kept telling my husband, "Eat!" :) She was nothing but gracious and sweet every time I saw her. She would do anything for anybody. 

Angela was on television, but did you know how much she helped countless people after Hurricane Sandy or about how she helped families at Christmas time? Did you know about her grandchildren? Did you know that she was one of seven children herself? 

 I don't say she "lost" her battle to cancer, because she fought like hell. And not only did she fight, she took that time to make a statement and stand against smoking to try and help others. So, she didn't lose any battle...I like to think God showed His mercy. 

There really is an outpouring of love on Twitter and Facebook and that's what should be focused on. Love never dies...not the love you show for people and not the love you get in return. 

 It amazes me how Angela grabbed so many hearts along her journey in this life and that is one wonderful legacy to leave behind.

Rest in peace, Angela. You surely have touched many.

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  1. Rest in peace beautiful lady. You will be missed. There will be no MWs without you. Love you always!