Thursday, April 2, 2015

Big Ang and Family Statements

Hello, everyone. 
As I am sure you all have read on the internet today, Angela is currently going through a medical condition that has started a lot of speculation. First, she and her family, especially her sister, Janine are beyond grateful for all the support being shown. Secondly, Angela is NOT currently in the hospital. She is at home and feeling well. 

Next week, she will undergo a procedure to remove a nodule from her throat. Angela is in good spirits and I hope the readers of this blog and all the supporters out there keep positive thoughts and prayers coming to Angela, her husband Neil and the Raiola/Detore families. 

If you haven't read Janine's statement yet, here it is: 

"Hello,everyone. Everyone is texting and inboxing. My sisters & I are so grateful. I can't seem to answer everyone as quickly as I'd like so let me post this... some people would like to send our sister, Angela, cards, letters,notes get well wishes & that's just wonderful.We welcome it and you can mail your letters to Country Mouse, 570 Forest Avenue, Staten Island New York 10310. She will get them, I promise. Keep her in your prayers. We love our sister very much & can use all your prayers. I will be making a public announcement tomorrow on TMZat 4pm from our family. Thank you, all and from Big Ang, she thanks each and everyone one of you."

Ang, Janine and Donna
And, just a little while ago, on Angela's Facebook page, she released this statement: 

Hi my babies! I am finally able to take a moment to speak to you all. First off, my apologies that you had to find out about my condition from every other outlet but me. This was never my intent, but unfortunately it got out there. Secondly, I want to clarify the rumors that I am hospitalized. I went in for a test due to the nodule in my throat. I had a nerve wracking couple of days, as would anyone when you hear testing etc... However, I am home peaceful and relaxing. This coming week I will be taking proper precautions and having it removed. I do want to say that you have all been on my mind every step of the way and I am so thankful to each and every one of you for the love, support, prayers and most of all positive wishes. Big Ang isn't going anywhere! This is a minor setback, but I promise you this... I already have some BIG things in the world and will be returning to your TVs very soon. Always look after yourselves and don't neglect your health. I'm fortunate and blessed to have discovered something very early, and handle it in a positive manner. I thank you and I love you all from the bottom of my heart. Stay posted in the coming days, I will give you all updates. xoxoxox 

While all of the support, prayers and well wishes are more than welcome, please also respect the privacy of Angela and her family. Keep in mind Angela has young grandchildren, nieces and nephews and even though she is in the public eye, she is still entitled to some privacy. So, try not to bombard the family with questions. Janine has promised to keep updating us with any news. 

That being said, there are so many positive posts out there, so keep them coming and feel free to leave your comments on here as well. I guarantee Janine will see them and forward them to Angela.  Thank you for all your support. 

UPDATE: 4/3/2015 -Hi, everyone. Today, Janine was on TMZ Live to discuss Angela's diagnosis. Unfortunately, the mass is cancerous, but there is no word on whether it has spread yet. The doctors will know more when they perform the surgery next week.  However,  Janine said that there is some good news. She said in the interview that the doctor is going to remove some of the lymph nodes as a precaution.  She further explained that there is no is history of cancer in the family, but that the fact that Angela has been smoking since she was 13  probably had something to do with this  crisis. However, as hard as it is for Angela to stop smoking over the years, she HAS only had one or two in the five days since diagnosis. She is working hard to stop completely. 

Janine also has said that the family would have rather kept this issue private, but on the other hand she felt  that it was best to go public and get the right story out there.  She also said by Wednesday or Thursday, there should be more news and added that Angela loves all her fans, so keep the prayers coming! And don't forget, you can send your cards, letters and well wishes to Angela Raiola, c/o Country Mouse, 570 Staten Island, NY, 10310.


  1. Glad Ang is doing well and that it was discovered early. I hope and pray for an easy surgery and her to recovery fast.. love to the whole family


  3. Lov u Ang!!!! U r better then any bs celebrity!!!!! Keeping it real!!! U r in my prayers

  4. Glad you're doing well Angela

  5. Hello, everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and leave your prayers and well wishes for Angela! (Blogger)

  6. Keeping Angela and her family in my prayers.

  7. You got this! Praying for perfect healing! Try the nicotine lozenges (I like the tiny ones at Rite Aid). The gum didn't work for me. Be easy on yourself. Everyone loves Angela! You're the sweetest soul! God will bless you with complete healing.