Monday, June 17, 2013

Who Is That Man In Everyone's Photos?

The question this week is: "Who is that man in everyone's photos?" I'll tell you who it is! It's none other than Janine's brother, Stephen! What a guy! Talk about nice and approachable! 

Stephen is the second oldest sibling in his family and is married to Marie, whose blog was posted a few weeks ago.  Go check it out. She's a hoot!

 For twenty five years of his life, Stephen worked hard at a job that he was unhappy with and dreamed of something different. As luck would have it, he got into something completely different: real estate.

And so now, Stephen owns Brownstone Real Estate. What started out as one location, there are now three: Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope and Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens. In the market for a new place to live in New York? Click here for his website: Brownstone Real Estate 

What I thought was very nice to hear was that Stephen feels very fortunate for how his life has turned out. We all dream of something better, and Stephen was one of the few who had the courage to step out and make it happen. 

Stephen loves to go out to different restaurants and other places around town. He is very social and loves to meet people. I get tired sometimes just looking at all the pictures of places and events he goes to. :) I don't know how he has all that energy!

Also for fun, he likes to go to the lake house that he and Marie have. It is relaxing, peaceful and a great place to go to unwind. He also likes to fish and enjoys the beach. AND, he enjoys singing ,too. I hear he's got a great singing voice. 

Family is very important to the Raiola family. Stephen is the proud dad of one son and three daughters and close with his siblings, Janine and Angela as well.

He is very supportive of his family's endeavors and goals. For example, he consistently encourages and promotes his sister Angela's role in television and wears a shirt to show that support that says, "I am Big Ang's brother." :) And when Janine and Dominick were in the play, Italian Bred, last week, he was right there in the audience. 

So, why do I ask who is that in everyone's photos? Because if you follow Stephen on Twitter or on Facebook, you will see that he is always nice enough to stop and take a photo with whoever wants one. I, myself, have had the pleasure of taking a photo with him. Here we are at the Drunken Monkey last January.

So make sure you follow him on Twitter: @stephenraiola so you can see what he's up to and see all the fun pictures he posts. Oh, and if you're in the Staten Island area or even visiting fun places around Manhattan or Brooklyn, keep your eyes peeled. You might just see him...say hi and ask for a picture with him. He will be happy that you did!

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  1. I remember Stephen from Pastels.. as well as his sister....good times there

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