Friday, March 8, 2013

Spotlight on...Dominick Detore!

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 Two weeks ago, I did a blog that focused on Janine and so,  this week will be about her husband of almost 22 years, Dominick (they have an anniversary coming up very soon!). 

Janine and Dom(courtesy Dom's Twitter)
 As mentioned previously, Janine and Dom have seven children. What a beautiful family they have! 

Proud papa and his kids(courtesy Dom's Twitter)

If you follow Dominick on Twitter, you know that he is a loving father and proud of his family.  He posts pictures all the time of them,  like the one above. I just had to include this one of Dominick, Janine and their youngest, Ronnie together. This is one of the many Dominick has shared. 

Sweet family photo! (courtesy Dom's Twitter)

Not only is he a good dad, he's still a loving and romantic husband, too! For two of Janine's birthdays, he threw her a surprise party with all her family and friends.

Last week, I did a post on Janine's store, Country Mouse, which Dominick bought for her. Janine goes to clothing shows to buy inventory for her store and Dominick supports her by going with her to those events and helping her buy new items. Janine says he is supportive not only with her business, but in all projects she's involved in. 

Dominick has a contracting business located on Staten Island called 2D Construction which he started with Janine. He does amazing work. He remodeled The Drunken Monkey, his sister in law's bar. If you watched Season One of Big Ang, he was actually on the first episode called "Big Shots" when Angela was explaining how the bar was redone. 

 I am going to add my two cents in here. I have been to the Drunken Monkey twice. I didn't get to see it before it was redone, but now it is a very pretty and welcoming bar. 

Inside the Drunken Monkey (courtesy Google Images)

In addition to doing commercial businesses, Dominick also works on homes as well. This week, Janine shared a picture of her own home showing Dominick's beautiful work. This is a picture of their new theater room. Who wouldn't love to see a movie in this room?

The new Detore theater room! (courtesy Janine's FB)

More of my own opinion here: While this room is classy looking, Dominick also kept it comfortable as well. It looks beautiful, but also a place just to relax, get together and watch television or movies. I bet Shark Tank is going to be watched here!!

Dominick also worked on constructing the assistance stations on Pier 94 after the horrific 9/11 tragedy. These stations were made to help people in finding family members and provided general assistance with anything they could including loss of jobs or housing. These are the kinds of things that stand as a person's legacy and something to be proud of. 

If you need commercial or residential work done in the New York area, give 2D a call at 718-816-9700. 

When I asked what should be known about Dominick, Janine was quick to say that he is a "wonderful, kind hearted person that helps people any chance he gets." That's a direct quote, Dominick! Go give your Mrs. a kiss for that one!  

If you want to see more about Janine and Dominick's life and family follow them on Twitter.  Follow Janine at @janinedetoreVH1 and Dominick at @uncledomdetore.

Thanks for reading! Until next time, have a great weekend! 

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  1. love them both I have known them both a very long time now

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  3. Awesome theater room!! Now ya have to watch some horror movies in 3D that have good surround sound ;) HUGE difference lol

  4. Master0fPuppets, Isn't that a great room? Thanks for reading! :)

  5. I love reading his "SAYINGS" very beautiful! I don't know where he comes up with them but, they are nice to read! Your story was very beautiful!

  6. Thank you Lovely! This is an older blog, one of the first ones I did. Glad to see people are still reading them!

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