Saturday, January 4, 2014

Big Whoop Bakery

Hello, all! 
I am still showcasing businesses who helped out with the Mob Wives Season 4 premiere party in December and this post is on Big Whoop Bakery, located in my favorite city, New York. 

As you might have guessed, Big Whoop specializes in whoopie pies. I just love the name and the logo! I had the pleasure of speaking via email with Edgar Velez, the owner of  Big Whoop. Edgar explained that he bought the bakery in 2012 from the previous owner. He also said that he loves to bake and had always wanted to open up a business where he could showcase his talents. 

However, instead of just taking over the same baked goods, Edgar put his own twist on the tasty treats and added even more flavors to their menu.

When Edgar's wife, Rita, saw that the Mob Wives Season 4 premiere party was happening at the Drunken Monkey, they were more than happy to make the following whoopie pies for the guests: strawberry with chocolate frosting, lemon with raspberry filling, chocolate with vanilla frosting and red velvet with cream cheese filling. And, on top of all that, they also made tres leche cake and flan. And now, just like that, I want whoopie pies. :) 

Janine told me that Edgar and his wife are wonderful people and that they are very nice. Even though I have not had the pleasure to meet Edgar or his wife in person, I could tell just by his emails that he is, indeed a friendly person. His enthusiasm for his business is refreshing! I hope the bakery is very successful for a very long time! They are currently working on a Twitter page and an Instagram page, but click here to visit their web page: Big Whoop Bakery Website

Thank you to Edgar for telling me about the business and thank you to everyone who reads this blog. Remember, if you are in the New York area and you are in the need or even want some delicious whoopie pies or other treats, contact Big Whoop! 

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