Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Meet Janine's BFF!

Every woman knows how important it is to have a best friend!  Someone you can count on when times are tough, someone you can laugh with and someone you can talk to about anything, even the small, every day life matters. 

For Janine, that person is Lisa Ciullo Pozzolano! 

Lisa and her family currently live in New Jersey but she was born in Bensonhurst in the great borough of Brooklyn.  She has great memories of growing up there. She says that each day was made to be an adventure where she had fun but also learned to be respectful as well.  She said she could actually write a whole book about growing up in Brooklyn. Personally, I hope she does one day. I would read it! 

Lisa is a stay at home mom with a packed schedule. She has a husband and three sons. Two of them, Michael and Anthony, are identical twins and they will be 16 in December. They love to play football and not only do they play for their high school team, but they have both been picked to represent the United States Football team!  Their goal is to be the best they can be and one day even play professional for the NFL. So, keep your eyes peeled. You might just see them one day on YOUR favorite team! 

Lisa's youngest son, JonAnthony is eight and already following in his big brothers' footsteps. He, too, loves football and is the upcoming and rising star on his own team! JonAnthony is Janine's godson and from what I am told, already quite the lady killer. :) Lisa couldn't be more proud of her sons and goes to all their games. She thinks there's nothing more important than to show her support, but she also has a lot of fun at their games watching them excel at something they love doing and seeing the joy it brings them. 

And how about Lisa's husband Anthony? She can't say enough good things about him. She says he is a "wonderful husband and father." They met nine years ago and she is so grateful for the life they have made together. She says he is a true leader and has shaped all of them into a into a loving, compassionate family. Together their goal is to "maintain a solid marriage and a bright future for the kids." 

Lisa and her family!

 On top of everything else, Lisa also has a Christmas tree decorating business. She does gorgeous work. Look at some of these trees she did!

It is October! Christmas is coming and coming fast! If you are in the Brick area of New Jersey or even in the New York City/Brooklyn/Staten Island area and want a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in your home that looks like it should be in Macy's window, contact Lisa on Twitter @lillee921. Here's a link to her Facebook page, too:
You can also send a shout out to Janine's Twitter or Facebook page for her, too. 

I asked Lisa what she liked to do for fun. I didn't think she had time for fun, with taking care of her big family, and her business, but she fits it in! She says her favorite movies to watch are "The Blind Side",  "Coming to America" and "The Shawshank Redemption." Also, when she's not enjoying watching her sons play football, she enjoys going to lunch with friends and shopping at places like Nordstrom's. And where does she go when she needs a gift for a baby shower or child's birthday party? Janine's store, Country Mouse, of course! 

And she cherishes time with her husband, whether it's a quiet night at home, a dinner out or taking a vacation, she truly is appreciative of her time with him, not just having fun, but making memories that will last. 

So, back to being Janine's BFF!  Janine and Lisa met through a mutual friend and have been friends for twenty five years. Lisa says they have so much in common, both being extremely devoted to their families and having a major love for cooking.Where Janine is JonAnthony's godmother, Lisa is Janine's daughter, Jeannie's godmother. It must be hard to live a pretty good distance from each other, but Lisa says they talk all the time on the phone about everything and their talks can be both happy or sad, but always honest. 

Janine says that she loves Lisa like a sister and appreciates that she can always count on Lisa on being there for her. Janine, She also loves Lisa's sense of humor, especially when she says classic things like, "She's so ugly she could scare the sauce off a meatball!" From what they both told me they are truly sisters at heart. 

I appreciate the time that Lisa took to talk about her life. I am not just saying this- she was extremely friendly and receptive.Thank you to all who read this blog! And don't forget, whether it is to just keep up with Lisa's busy life or to request one of her beautiful trees, follow her on Twitter @lillee921!


  1. Beautiful story about Best Friends. I Love the tree's, especially the ones with the bow on top. It reminds me of Cindy Lou Who, Its so cute! Love that bow! :-)

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read! <3 xoxox

  3. Omg, i love it! Lisa is a beautiful woman inside and out..xoxo

  4. Thank you to Anonymous above! She was great to talk to! :)