Saturday, February 23, 2013

Let's Meet Janine!

It is time for the second post! Again, I am so excited to be doing this! I thought I might do a small biography on Janine. 

I have a Team Big Ang shirt--but I need this one now! 

To my delight, she was sweet enough to give me some information and even share a nice story. 

Janine is the youngest of seven children but also the mother of seven children! She has posted pictures of her family, but recently, she posted the sweetest picture of herself and her youngest, Ronnie. He is precious! 

Ronnie & Janine

But, we can't leave out the other six children! Here are all the kids along with Janine's husband, Dom. 
Janine's husband & family

Janine was very clear in that she is in love with her husband and her family. Everything she tweets or posts on Facebook about them, the love she has for them is evident. I think this is refreshing in this day and age. In a day where there is so much hate, jealousy and heartbreak, it is refreshing to hear about a loving mother and wife who appreciates her family. 

Speaking of being a wife, Janine shared a funny story about how she and her husband Dominick met. :) 

She had been seeing Dom for a few weeks. He was a friend of her older brother, Louis.  Anyway, he was staying with her and one morning, at 5: 00 AM (!!) Janine's Uncle Sally knocked on the door with a friend, Frankie. Janine's uncle pointedly tells Dom that he needed to leave or marry Janine. Dom stands his ground and says he's not leaving because he loves Janine. Well, Uncle Sally says, "Then marry my niece tomorrow." This sounds like there was no room for any kind of argument! :) However, Uncle Sally's friend informs him that Janine and Dom cannot get married the next day because it was a Saturday and City Hall would be closed.  :)  Uncle Sally finally relents and says, "Then Monday!" Uncle Sally then leaves, heading to Las Vegas, but not before promising to check on Monday to see if Janine and Dom are married. He even tells them if they aren't married, he will be back!  Needless to say, they went and got their marriage certificate and were married on that Wednesday. 

Here is the amazing part...something else you don't hear a lot of these days...On March 20,  Janine and Dom will celebrate their 22nd wedding anniversary!! We will have to remember to wish them a happy anniversary! 

Janine and Dom-beautiful couple!

Aside from being a  wife and mother, Janine owns and operates The Country Mouse,   570 Forest Avenue, Staten Island, New York--a couture children's clothing store. They also have gorgeous communion dresses for young ladies. I will feature more about the Country Mouse in a future blog complete with pictures of some of the beautiful, original clothes. 

Two more things Janine shared is that 1. she also teaches religion to first graders--which I think is wonderful. What better way to help children than instill a sense of faith in them? And 2. She raises funds for people in need. I also hope to write about that as well in a future blog. 

Whew!!! Between her family, business, teaching, fund raising and managing her sister Ang's career and events, I really don't know where Janine finds time to sleep! I wish I had a quarter of her energy. One thing I will say, it is obvious to me from what Janine posts on her facebook and twitter accounts and from what I saw myself at the Mob Wives Season 3 Premiere Party, she doesn't stop! But, it is also evident that everything she does, it is with love. 

My thanks and gratitude to Janine for sharing this information. <3

Until next time...

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