Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chic Boutique!

Exciting news! Janine's daughter, Jeannie is starting an online clothing store, Chic Boutique! 

New Chic Boutique Logo

Jeannie is a busy young woman. She's getting ready to start her last year of high school and after that, she will move on to college, possibly to start a medical career. What other teenager do you know that has the drive and determination to start a business with everything else going on around them?

Jeannie's store will feature one of a kind of designs, such as the one shown below: 

Clever take on the Yves Saint Laurent logo

Not only will the store feature Jeannie's original designs, they will also custom make things you can think of and ship anywhere. I am hoping I can get some kind of blogger shirt made! :) 

More previews of and pictures are coming soon! So, follow the facebook page at: and on Instagram, too so you don't miss out on all the great stuff coming out! Follow Jeannie, too, on Twitter @JeannieDetore. 

Thank you for reading and special thanks to Barbara P. who is a devoted reader and helps out by always retweeting the posts for me! 

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